Where to Begin

This is an emotional time and after the loss of a loved one, it can be overwhelming to plan a funeral but you are not alone; we are here for you.

Here is some guidance to get started, but we are available for you at any time, if you need help.

Funeral wishes

If your loved one preplanned their funeral wishes, you are ready to start planning the funeral with the funeral director. If there are no preplanned arrangements, here is a starting point for the choices you will need to consider:

  • Burial or cremation
  • If burial, casket type and final resting place
  • If cremation, urn and final resting place
  • Religious services you will need, such as clergy or spiritual leaders
  • Service types: visitation, service, graveside memorial, etc.

You may not know the answers immediately but we can help you in those decisions.

Above all else, if you’re not sure what to do, please call us at 902-569-5689.

What to Expect When We Meet

When you meet to discuss the funeral arrangements, we will give you an estimate of the costs.

Using your preferences and wishes, we will support you in the creation of a meaningful celebration of your loved one's life and this may include:

  • Scheduling the location, date, and time of services
  • Selecting a casket or urn
  • Drafting an obituary

Additionally, it will be necessary to gather information for the preparation and completion of necessary funeral documentation.

What to Bring

To simplify this process, it would be helpful to bring the following information with you:

  • Full legal name and home address
  • Social insurance number
  • Date of birth & Place of birth
  • Marital Status & Spouse’s Name
  • Father's name & Place of birth
  • Mother's maiden name & Place of birth
  • Occupation
  • Burial
  • Names and relationships of survivors

Please also bring a recent photograph.