Our Story

In the fall of 1991, the need for a funeral home on the east side of the Hillsboro River was raised by a number of local residents and from these discussions, the idea of forming a local funeral co-operative was born.  The following year, a charter was granted and the founding members of the Hillsboro Funeral Co-operative were: Ruth Power, Chairperson; Martha Cullen, Recording Secretary; Peter Driscoll; Bernard Lacey; Linus Gallant; Mena MacDonald; Ed Reeves; Elmer Peters.

In 1992, the organization rented the Bunbury Hall as an office and a selection room, along with an arrangement with the New Glasgow Funeral Co-operative to borrow anything when needed.  In the fall of the same year, the Hillsboro Funeral Co-op conducted its first funeral.  

In years following, the Hillsboro Funeral Co-operative persistently and diligently soldiered on in its growth acquiring a hearse in 1993 and a van and land for the construction of a funeral home in 1994.  A sod turning ceremony took place in 1997, as construction began and the official opening of the Hillsboro Funeral Home was celebrated on November 1, 1998.

As the Hillsboro Funeral Co-op continued to grow, improvements were made through the years and in 2005, it was decided by the Board of Directors to proceed with the addition of a Chapel.  In 2009, the first service was held in the new Stratford Chapel of the Hillsboro Funeral home. 

From its inception, the Hillsboro and Area Funeral Co-operative Limited has grown and developed its brand, with the most recent major renovations and upgrades in 2019, bringing it to the forefront as a leading edge facility.